Concentrated and stable form of Vitamin C

Composition : Each Kg contains

L-Ascorbic acid 500gms

A stable form of vitamin C Shiau, Shi-Yen and Tsai-Shen Hsu (1994) Vitamin C requirement of grass shrimp Penaesu monodon, as determined with -Ascorbic acid : a stable form of Vitamin C for aquaculture feeds, J. World aqua. Sec. 20, pp 143-157. ref.

Benefits :

  • Increases Body Weight.
  • Improves Survival Rate.
  • It is Highly Stable and Easily Digestable form of Vitamin-C enriched with Enzymes.
  • Enzymes Increase feed digestable capacity of Shrimps.
  • Relieves from Stress.
  • Enhances Immunity.
  • DOSAGE : 3-4 gms/Kg feed