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Apply as a Distributor at RRK Formulations manufacturer of Aquaculture products; grow your business with millions of quality products.

If your company wishes to expand its product range and portfolio into Aquaculture products & medicines which includes Yeast Powder, Aquaculture Oxygen Booster, PH Regulator, Aqua Probiotics, Water Sanitizers, Fish & Prawns Medicines and many more which are used for fish and prawn culture. We can make it work. RRK Formulations has a technology manufacturing plant which is located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh offers sustainable solutions that ensure our customers’ success through healthy and safe Aquaculture.

We are excited to have a growing network of distribution partners marketing RRK Formulations Aquaculture products around the world. We are currently inviting companies to join our growing distributor network, to enable us to promote our products to new markets.

Authorized Distributor

As an authorized distributor you'll usually receive direct training from the manufacturer on how to use its product, and have contractual authorization to sell its products – sometimes with exclusive rights to sell the product in a particular region. This gives your customers the peace of mind knowing that they are working with a company with direct access to the manufacturer.

Authorizing Your Business

Once you obtain a wholesale license, you must use this certificate to buy from your manufacturer without paying taxes. The fact that a wholesale license allows you to buy without paying tax benefits your business. Also, you will need to contact the manufacturers and work out deals to distribute their products. Many times this begins with a filling out an online application form on their website or contacting their local sales office.

You need to select the territory that you are looking to work in and contact its local sales office. From there, a representative will be able to work with you and see if the company is already sufficiently served in that region, so as to not be competing with other authorized distributors.

Selection Criteria:

The process for the appointment of new dealer/distributor:

  • RRK Formulations will continue to work with all existing distributor regardless of their size provided that sales targets are met.
  • To be truly successful, you will need to have a Have a good office / warehouse set up to manage stock your products, sufficient administrative skills and complete necessary documentation.
  • Have business expertise to manage a small business.
  • Ability, drive and interpersonal skills to deliver high performance service.
  • Knowledge of RRK Formulations and its Aquaculture products must meet all legal requirements.
  • Agree to comply with RRK Formulations requirements for tracking and measuring sales and sales growth.
  • Roadworthy and reliable vehicle(s) so that service levels are maintained.
  • A manufacturer of printer and copier toners requires that its distributors provide efficient local delivery.
  • Have good financial standing and able to infuse capital when needed!
  • Get Final Quotation

Once an agreement has been met with the supplier, you will get a final quotation. You can either place an order first with the quotation to get inventory or sell the product first, you don't have to place order unless you have already made the sale and been paid by your customer.

Build Your Store

Once an agreement has been met with the supplier, you are able to copy the product to your own store easily. It doesn’t matter whether you have invested in inventory or not.

Getting Enough Inventory

Get everything you need for basic inventory management. Simplify your inventory processes and invest in a system that can grow with your company. Inventory Management is important in all aspects of a business; the benefits include having enough stock on hand to meet the demand of your customers.

Sell Your Products

All you have to do is sell the product, take orders and make a decent profit. This will allow you to spend more time on marketing and promotion to drive more customers to your store.

Get and Fulfill Orders

Once you get an order, you can fulfil your order with your inventory or place a new order with the supplier and deliver it to your customer directly.

Contact us to be part of the RRK Formulations aqua products network of distributors. We will get back to you with the way forward. If you are interested in becoming an Authorized distributor please fill in the form below: