RRK Yeast

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RRK – Yeast

RRK – yeast is alive yeast culture based on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain in the world’s most widely researched yeast strain and specifically selected for its influence on animal performance.

Composition: Each gm contains : 2 Billion CFU of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

Benefits :

  • RRK-yeast accelerates the flow of feed through the rumen , reducing rumen fill to allow increased consistence in dry matter intake.
  • It helps to reduce fluctuation of pH by stimulating the bacterial that convert lactic acid to prop ionic acid.
  • It stimulates growth of fibre digesting bacteria in the rume, increasing the rate and extent of forage break down thus improving feed efficiency.
  • It increases total protein supply to the animal for enhanced Meat and Milk Production.
  • Dosage Aquaculture: 1 kg per Acre
  • Application: 1 kg RRK Yeast + 1kg jaggery should be fermented for about 48 hours in a closed container. After 48 hours apply the juice directly to the pond/tank
  • Note: During fermentation process avoid sunlight.

Dosage : 1 kg per acre During Pond Preparation
1 kg per acre During culture too

Presentation: 1kg packet